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Zoom Whitening

Zoom Whitening East Los Angeles

Zoom whitening is one of the latest tooth-bleaching options to become available to patients. Although the way Zoom works is similar to other whitening treatments, its formula and process make it more powerful for eliminating stains. Some patients may prefer Zoom for its extra options related to maintenance of results and prevention of teeth sensitivity. Here is more about this treatment offered by our East Los Angeles Zoom whitening expert.

The compound used in Zoom whitening contains hydrogen peroxide, the mainstay of other professional whitening procedures, but it also includes carbamide peroxide. According to the company, this extra ingredient boosts whitening results. Once this compound is applied, our expert in Zoom whitening in East Los Angeles activates it using a special light that the Zoom company patented, speeding the bleaching process.

Zoom Whitening East Los Angeles

One major difference between Zoom and other whitening options is the inclusion of up to three whitening cycles per session versus just one. When patients visit our cosmetic dentist in East Los Angeles for this treatment, the Zoom compound is applied, activated, allowed to work and cleaned off repeatedly. This allows patients to gain improvements of up to nine shades rather than just a few.

Zoom whitening includes some options that patients may find valuable. For example, the Zoom process can include post-whitening fluoride application to keep the teeth from being sensitive afterwards. Zoom is also designed to work well for patients who would prefer regularly scheduled whitening to maintain their results. While safe frequency can vary between patients, some may benefit from a session with our East Los Angeles Zoom whitening expert every few months.

As with other teeth whitening procedures, Zoom offers eligibility for most patients. Also like other options, Zoom only works on stains affecting the outside of teeth, such as those from coffee, tea, tobacco, berries and wine. Teeth whitening, including Zoom, is not a good option for patients with veneers or crowns, which do not respond to bleaching. Patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in Zoom whitening in East Los Angeles to learn more about this treatment.

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