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Wisdom Teeth Removal

wisdom teeth removalWisdom teeth are the final molars to emerge in adolescents or young adults and often cause problems due to overcrowding or improper eruption. As a result, most patients benefit from having these teeth removed before they fully erupt or soon afterwards. Left in place, wisdom teeth may put individuals at significantly higher risk of complications inside the mouth and throughout the body. Here is more about wisdom teeth, the problems they can cause and how our East Los Angeles wisdom teeth removal expert may handle the issue.

Problems associated with wisdom teeth that are badly erupted or overcrowded include increased risks of gum disease, tooth decay, TMJ disorders, and systemic infections. When there is too little room in the mouth to accommodate wisdom teeth, other teeth may shift out of place. This shifting can create crevices where food and bacteria collect. Damage to the jaws and nerves can also result, causing pain and mobility issues. Impacted wisdom teeth, which may be tilted or rotated out of position, are more vulnerable to decay as well as infections that can enter the bloodstream and harm the entire body.

Wisdom Teeth Removal East Los Angeles

Depending on the findings of an exam by our expert in wisdom teeth removal in East Los Angeles, extraction of wisdom teeth may be simple or more complicated. In both situations, our dentist begins by anesthetizing the treatment area, but our dentist may recommend sedation or general anesthesia in some cases. During simple wisdom teeth extraction, our dentist may use forceps to pull the molars out of their sockets. For complex cases, our East Los Angeles wisdom teeth removal expert may need to break the molars into pieces for easier extraction. Our dentist finishes by suturing the sockets closed and putting gauze in place to control bleeding.

Although unusual, certain complications can accompany wisdom teeth removal. For example, dry socket can occur due to lifestyle factors or differences in healing time. Our expert in wisdom teeth removal in East Los Angeles prescribes pain medications and antibiotics to relieve discomfort and prevent infection after the procedure. A consultation with our East Los Angeles dentist can be scheduled to learn more about how and why wisdom teeth are removed.

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