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Use of Laser in Dental Treatments

Use of Laser in Dental Treatments

Laser dentistry has quickly progressed, and the technology can now be used for a majority of dental procedures. Whether the goal is eliminating an infection, restoring damaged tissue, or improving appearance, lasers offer a precise and comfortable solution. Here is a look at how lasers are being used in dental treatments today.

What Makes Lasers Useful for Dental Care?

Dental lasers improve many aspects of treatment, both during and after procedures. For example, lasers can be focused on treatment areas while avoiding healthy tissues thanks to their accuracy. In some cases, procedures do not have to be performed under anesthesia when a laser is used. Bleeding during soft-tissue procedures can be minimized, which actively cauterize incisions. As a result, stitches may be unnecessary and recovery progresses more quickly. Finally, lasers keep infection risk low by destroying bacteria.

In What Procedures Are Lasers Used?

The soft tissue procedure of gum reshaping, often used to lengthen the crown in cases of a gummy smile, is greatly improved with lasers. Cavity detection, filling preparation, and tooth sensitivity treatment are examples of hard tissue laser applications. Teeth whitening, cold sore treatment, and tumor removal are three more procedures in which lasers are used.

Lasers improve treatment significantly in several ways that patients will appreciate. While this technology is now well established, not all dental providers are equally trained and skilled in the use of lasers. You can schedule a consultation with our dentist to learn more about how lasers are used at our office.

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