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Traditional Braces

traditional bracesTraditional braces, consisting of metal brackets and wires, remain popular even as many people seek discreet clear braces. Like other types of braces, traditional braces give patients lifelong improvements in their appearance, comfort, and oral health. By supporting the health of the mouth, braces can also potentially help guard against systemic health problems, such as heart disease. Traditional metal braces also have less stringent candidacy requirements compared to alternative treatments, which means that most patients who visit our East Los Angeles traditional braces expert can receive traditional braces.

Many patients seek braces from our expert in traditional braces in East Los Angeles for cosmetic improvements, which can improve self-confidence and quality of life. However, benefits of braces go beyond appearance. For example, teeth that fit together properly are less likely to foster bacteria that lead to cavities and gum disease. Corrected teeth are also more comfortable and less likely to lead to problems in the jaw joints. Later in life, patients who have had their teeth straightened are more resistant against tooth loss. Compared to some other types of braces, traditional metal braces are sturdier and more resilient when patients eat or play sports. Finally, traditional braces are highly versatile and can be used to correct an extensive range of bite irregularities.

Traditional Braces East Los Angeles

Treatment by our East Los Angeles traditional braces expert begins with an exam to identify bite irregularities and make a personalized plan. During placement, our dentist bonds the brackets to the teeth and runs wires through the brackets before tightening the wires. Throughout treatment, patients visit our dentist regularly to have these wires tightened so that the teeth are progressively moved into place. Although treatment time varies, traditional braces can often correct teeth within one to two years.

Candidates for traditional braces include a majority of adults and children with most types of bite irregularities. In some cases, our expert in traditional braces in East Los Angeles may also recommend additional orthodontics to be used before, after, or alongside traditional braces. To learn more about traditional braces and candidacy requirements, patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist in East Los Angeles.

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