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Too Much Whitening Can Damage the Teeth

Too Much Whitening Can Damage the TeethThe desire for a beautiful smile can tempt patients to have their teeth whitened frequently. While regular whitening can be aesthetically beneficial depending on your lifestyle, using this treatment too often can actually cause damage to the teeth and other oral tissues. Here is how this happens and how long you should wait between sessions.

Damage from Teeth Whitening

Professional teeth whitening is performed with safety in mind, and in-office bleaching gels are only designed for occasional use. With regular exposure to peroxides, tooth enamel may become brittle and can be easily chipped. Frequent at-home teeth whitening can eventually damage tooth nerves, which may require root canal treatment or extraction. Although excessive whitening is driven by the lure of consistently white teeth, expensive damage may ultimately result.

Safe Whitening Frequency

In most cases, patients should wait several months between teeth whitening sessions. Depending on the thickness of the present enamel, patients may be able to safely re-whiten their teeth after more or less time. In some cases, patients may receive recommendations for less potent bleaching formulas that are easier on the teeth. Our dentist can examine patients and tell them how frequently they can safely receive this procedure.

Teeth whitening is a fast, low-cost route to a better-looking smile, but receiving the procedure too often can worsen appearance and dental health. Daily brushing, regular office cleanings and avoidance of staining habits, such as smoking, are also healthy and sustainable ways to help keep a white smile between bleaching sessions. Patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in tooth whitening in East Los Angeles to find out how often their teeth can be whitened safely.


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