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TMJ Treatment

TMJ Treatment East Los Angeles

TMJ is a common condition involving pain and inflammation in the temporomandibular joints, which connect the jaw bone to the skull. For patients suffering from TMJ, common tasks like eating and talking can become causes of discomfort. Long-neglected TMJ can eventually result in problems opening and closing the mouth. A look at TMJ causes, symptoms, and solutions from our East Los Angeles TMJ treatment expert is beneficial for patients who suffer from this disorder.

Patients may develop TMJ for a number of reasons. In most cases, however, TMJ results from frequent teeth grinding associated with stress. Patients who suffer from arthritis may have symptoms in their temporomandibular joints as well as other joints in the body. Bite irregularities, which can cause uneven strain on the jaw joints, are also sometimes found to be a cause of TMJ.

TMJ Treatment East Los Angeles

Symptoms of TMJ are notoriously different between patients, but certain symptoms are more commonly seen by our expert in TMJ treatment in East Los Angeles. At first, TMJ sufferers may feel pain not only in their jaw joints but also in the surrounding areas, such as in the head and neck. Clicking, which patients may both feel and hear, can also develop in the jaw joints. Severe cases can include debility of the jaws.

Our East Los Angeles TMJ treatment expert may advise a variety of a treatments based on what is causing the condition. Jaw strain from teeth grinding can be prevented by the use of a custom night guard that patients wear over their teeth while they sleep. Orthodontics may be recommended when bite irregularities are to blame for TMJ. If necessary, patients may benefit from surgery provided by our expert in TMJ treatment in East Los Angeles.

While TMJ symptoms may be mild at the beginning, they can become severe if the condition is left untreated. Depending on the severity of TMJ, reversing the condition may be possible with lifestyle modifications and dental treatments. To learn more about TMJ and options for treating it, patients can schedule a consultation with our East Los Angeles dentist.

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