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Smile Makeover

smile makeoverA great smile is a centerpiece of an attractive appearance, and a smile makeover from our dentist can make virtually any smile a brilliant one. Using a customized selection of procedures, our East Los Angeles smile makeover expert resolves dental flaws involving color, structure, or position. Instead of making appointments individually to address cosmetic issues, patients who choose the smile makeover receive a schedule of appointments as part of a personalized plan. Several of the aesthetic treatments that can be used as part of a smile makeover also offer restorative value to recipients.

Every patient has unique needs that must be met for the best results. At initial consultations for the smile makeover, our expert in smile makeover in East Los Angeles explains the list of treatment choices that may interest patients. Possibilities include porcelain veneers, dental crowns, dental bridges, dental implants, and teeth whitening. For patients who would benefit from orthodontic treatment, our dentist may recommend Invisalign. Individuals who suffer from gummy smile can ask our dentist about gum recontouring.

Smile Makeover East Los Angeles

Patients who visit our dentist for the smile makeover receive an exam to identify cosmetic issues that can be resolved. Together with our East Los Angeles smile makeover expert, patients explore treatment possibilities for the desired results. In some cases, patients may be given multiple choices to correct problems. After patients choose procedures, our dentist creates a schedule of appointments. Depending on the types and severity of issues patients want to resolve, completion of the smile makeover may take a few weeks or several months.

This treatment from our expert in smile makeover in East Los Angeles is an option for a majority of patients who are ready to make a change in several aspects of their smile. To support candidacy for more treatments, patients should have good oral health before getting started. Issues that interfere with healing, including smoking and uncontrolled diabetes, may affect candidacy for certain procedures. To learn more about the smile makeover and find out whether it is the right option for specific cosmetic flaws, patients can schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in East Los Angeles.

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