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Sleep Dentistry

Sleep DentistrySedation makes dental treatment bearable and even pleasant for many patients, helping them get the check-ups and treatment they need to maintain good oral health. In addition to mild and moderate sedation associated with inhaled and oral sedation, our East Los Angeles sleep dentistry expert offers heavier IV sedation. This level of sedation leaves patients extremely relaxed and virtually asleep, eliminating tension and preventing formation of anxiety-provoking memories. Patients with anxiety as well as those with developmental or musculoskeletal disorders may benefit from choosing this option for treatment.

Sleep dentistry offers a higher level of relaxation than what mild and moderate sedation offer along with reduced awareness and memory of the procedure. This is ideal during longer treatments for patients as well as dentists, who can work even more efficiently when disruption is totally avoided. For some patients, sleep dentistry may also be the only sedation option short of general anesthesia that will prevent uncontrollable movements that might interrupt treatment. Finally, sleep dentistry can give patients more peace of mind compared to general anesthesia because the former lets patients continue to breathe on their own.

Sleep Dentistry East Los Angeles

Sleep dentistry begins with a review of medical history and current physical health to verify that this form of sedation is an option. Before the procedure begins, our expert in sleep dentistry in East Los Angeles administers the sedation to the patient. The sedation takes action rapidly thanks to its administration through IV, and patients enter an extremely relaxed state before any work begins. After our East Los Angeles sleep dentistry expert completes the procedure, patients relax at our office while the sedation wears off. Patients will need to arrange for transportation home as they will not be able to drive safely for hours after receiving sleep sedation.

Sleep sedation can be an excellent option for patients who suffer from fear or uncontrollable movements that complicate their ability to receive treatment. Although most patients can receive sleep sedation, our expert in sleep dentistry in East Los Angeles must determine candidacy for this option individually. At a consultation with our dentist in East Los Angeles, patients can learn more about sleep sedation and find out if it is right for them.

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