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Sleep Apnea

sleep apneaSleep apnea is a potentially deadly condition that often goes undiagnosed. Patients with sleep apnea stop breathing dozens or even hundreds of times per night, disrupting their sleep as a whole and depleting their body of oxygen. Our East Los Angeles sleep apnea expert offers effective modern treatments for sleep apnea that are more comfortable compared to conventional treatments.

Symptoms of sleep apnea affect sufferers immediately as well as over time and can affect both quality of life and health. Many patients do not realize that they have sleep problems because they sleep through the night. Sleep apnea symptoms, such as daytime fatigue, breathlessness, and headaches, may seem to occur without cause. Bed partners may notice snoring, coughing, and restlessness as the patient sleeps. Risk of deadly accidents is dramatically raised by sleep apnea. As a result of oxygen depletion, risks of heart attack, stroke, and sudden cardiac death are increased. Chronic sleep loss also promotes development of diabetes over time.

Sleep Apnea East Los Angeles

Sleep-Apnea-device-los-angelesLifestyle changes, such as earlier meal times and avoidance of caffeine and alcohol, may be recommended by our expert in sleep apnea in East Los Angeles for patients with mild sleep apnea. Conventional sleep apnea treatment is often performed with CPAP, or continuous positive airway pressure, which requires patients to wear a mask attached by a hose to a machine while they sleep. The machine blows air into the lungs, keeping the airway open with air pressure but often making patients uncomfortable and disrupting the sleep of patients and their partners. Our East Los Angeles sleep apnea expert offers soft tissue removal and mouthpieces for treatment that is practical as well as tolerable. Soft tissue removal involves taking out tissue that blocks the airway during sleep while mouthpieces prevent the jaws and tongue from collapsing into the airway.

Treatment from our expert in sleep apnea in East Los Angeles can give patients more energy, better mood, and lower risks of dying prematurely from this disorder. At a consultation with our dentist in East Los Angeles, patients can learn more about this disorder and how dental treatments can address it.



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