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Sedation Dentistry

sedation dentistrySedation dentistry is available in several forms at our office. By creating a relaxed state during treatments, sedation makes dental care easier to tolerate for patients with anxiety and those with developmental or musculoskeletal disorders. Sedation can also be beneficial for patients who require procedures of longer duration, such as multiple extractions or root canal treatment. Depending on eligibility, patients may have options to receive inhaled, oral, or injected types of sedation during treatment. Here is more about who can benefit from dental sedation and what types may be offered by our East Los Angeles sedation dentistry expert.

Sedation benefits apply to individuals with dental fear, those who are unable to take numbing drugs and those whose physical or neurological problems might complicate procedures. When dental fear is severe, patients may delay necessary treatment indefinitely and experience worsening of their condition as a result. In patients who respond poorly or inadequately to injected local anesthesia, sedation can make treatment comfortable without the need for those anesthetic drugs. Finally, conditions such as cerebral palsy, multiple sclerosis, and autism are less likely to interfere with treatment when sedative medication is given by our expert in sedation dentistry in East Los Angeles.

Sedation Dentistry East Los Angeles

Sedation Dentistry LogoSedative options, in order of the degree of sedation they offer, are inhaled nitrous oxide gas, oral tranquilizers, and injected tranquilizers. Nitrous oxide works quickly and not only relaxes patients but also provides a mild anesthetic effect. Within minutes of stopping the nitrous oxide, patients are able to drive themselves home. Oral tranquilizers are given to patients before the procedure with consideration for the time necessary for the drugs to start working. IV drugs are given just prior to or during procedures and provide deep sedation and potentially sleep. With oral or IV options from our East Los Angeles sedation dentistry expert, patients are unlikely to recall their treatment much, if at all, later.

Candidacy for different sedatives from our expert in sedation dentistry in East Los Angeles depends on individual risk factors and the treatments involved. In some cases, patients may be able to choose from multiple types of sedation. At a consultation with our East Los Angeles dentist, patients can learn more about our sedation options and how they ease treatment.

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