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Root Canal

root canalRoot canal treatment is performed on teeth whose pulp has been damaged by infection or trauma. When pulp infection occurs, affected teeth may become increasingly painful and eventually darken as the infection progresses. Long-term untreated infections can not only place other teeth in jeopardy but also cause inflammation in the rest of the body. By visiting our East Los Angeles root canal expert, patients can keep their teeth to preserve their appearance and normal abilities to speak and chew. Here is more about what root canal treatment achieves and how our dentist performs root canals.

Upon receiving a root canal, patients immediately enjoy relief from both the symptoms and potential complications of tooth infections. Whereas pain often escalates with progression of tooth infections, the discomfort is quickly eliminated with removal of the damaged tissue by our expert in root canal in East Los Angeles. Because the natural tooth is rooted in the jaw bone, it offers more stability than a dental bridge or set of dentures would. Fit between natural teeth is also superior. Finally, aesthetic support from root canal surpasses what is generally associated with artificial teeth.

Root Canal East Los Angeles

Root canal basically involves removing the infection and sealing the tooth against future invasion by bacteria. To guide the procedure, our East Los Angeles root canal expert first takes X-rays. Our dentist then drills into the tooth to reach the infected tissue, removes that tissue and replaces it with medicated packing material or rubber-like gutta percha. After sealing the tooth with a filling and possibly stabilizing it with a post, our East Los Angeles dentist places a protective, natural-looking crown over the tooth.

Although tooth infections may also be resolved with extraction, this choice can predispose patients to shifting of other teeth and its associated complications, such as tooth decay and gum disease. Unless dental implants are used to replace extracted teeth, patients who choose extraction may also suffer jaw bone deterioration and loss of looks. A root canal can prevent these issues and prevent patients from having to pay for tooth replacements. To learn more about the benefits offered by this treatment, patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in root canal in East Los Angeles.

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