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Pediatric Sedation

Pediatric Sedation East Los Angeles

Dental sedation eases treatment for many patients, including those with anxiety or disorders that can make dental care more difficult. For children, difficulty with dental care can lead to a lifetime of problems keeping healthy teeth and gums. Our East Los Angeles pediatric sedation dentist offers multiple options for young patients to promote their dental health immediately and in the long term.

Nitrous oxide, also called laughing gas, is a sweet-smelling gas commonly used as a mild sedative in dental offices. Mixed with oxygen and given to patients through a hose and mask, nitrous oxide works immediately and wears off soon after the gas flow is shut off. This can make nitrous an excellent option for kids who need to return to school after their appointments. Besides providing peaceful relaxation and mild euphoria, nitrous oxide offers mild anesthesia.

Pediatric Sedation East Los Angeles

Oral sedation offers a deeper level of relaxation compared to inhaled sedation. This option involves our expert in pediatric sedation in East Los Angeles giving children a pill to take before their treatment starts, ensuring that the effects are present in time. Depending on the type of sedative, oral sedation may cause mild relaxation or drowsiness. Because the effects of oral sedation do remain after the appointment ends, it will be less ideal for patients who have school immediately afterwards.

IV stands for intravenous, indicating that this sedation works through an injection into the veins. It works quickly and produces more powerful effects than what other types of sedation offer. However, this option from our East Los Angeles pediatric sedation dentist does not cause the level of sedation seen during general anesthesia used for surgery. Responsiveness will vary, but memory of the procedure will be vague or absent. Compared to oral sedation, preparation before IV sedation is more demanding and recovery afterwards is much longer.

Children who have fear and anxiety about dental care are often ideal candidates for these options from our expert in pediatric sedation in East Los Angeles. Autism, Tourette’s syndrome and cerebral palsy are a few disorders that can also make sedation beneficial. At a consultation with our expert in childrens dentistry in East Los Angeles, parents can learn more about our pediatric sedation choices and candidacy criteria.

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