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Mother and Child’s Oral Health

Mother and Childs Oral Health

Scientists have previously recognized connections between dental health and overall health. Now, researchers have also found that the oral health of mothers is tied to the oral health of their children. With the implications of this study, mothers have more information to help their children have healthy teeth and gums.

Links Between Oral Health in Mothers and Their Children

According to researchers, oral health in mothers and their children may be connected in a variety of ways. For example, oral bacteria may be transferred by the sharing of utensils at meals. In babies, the testing of food temperature by mothers may also transfer their bacteria. Furthermore, similar oral hygiene routines in families may be involved.

Access to Dental Care

Researchers did note that many of their study participants are from low-income regions, where dental treatment is not always readily available. Considering the importance of regular professional exams and cleanings, this could have a major impact on oral health in mothers and children.

Tips to Promote Good Oral Health in Children

Changing certain habits may help mothers safeguard the oral health of their kids. By using clean utensils to feed children, mothers may avoid transferring bad bacteria. Limiting consumption of sugary drinks and disallowing such drinks before bed may also be beneficial.

Mothers should first take their children to dental check-ups within six months of their teeth starting to erupt. With regular visits to our pediatric dentist in East Los Angeles throughout childhood, mothers can help their kids develop a strong foundation for good oral health for a lifetime.

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