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Lingual Braces

lingual bracesLingual braces are placed behind teeth, making them virtually invisible. Like conventional braces, lingual braces involve wires that are tightened regularly after being placed through brackets that are bonded to teeth. This option from our East Los Angeles lingual braces expert can be an alternative to clear braces for patients who prefer the flexibility of lingual braces or do not qualify for clear braces. Because lingual braces do not abrade the inner cheeks or interfere with normal oral function, this treatment can be ideal for certain patients.

Discretion may be the top reason why many people seek this treatment from our expert in lingual braces in East Los Angeles, but the comfort and adaptability of lingual braces also support the value of this treatment. Lingual braces placed behind the top teeth are essentially invisible to onlookers, and lingual braces used on the bottom teeth are difficult to spot. Most types of bite irregularities addressed by traditional metal braces can also be corrected with lingual braces, simplifying eligibility for many patients. Finally, lingual braces are popular with patients who play sports or use wind instruments because risks of injury or performance reduction are avoided.

Lingual Braces East Los Angeles

Most patients in all age groups can receive this treatment from our East Los Angeles lingual braces expert if they are eligible for traditional metal braces. However, lingual braces are not the best option for all patients. For example, individuals who have severe overbite or unusually small teeth may not be able to wear lingual braces because of risks of damage and lack of sufficient space to bond the brackets, respectively.

Although self-ligating options from our expert in lingual braces in East Los Angeles can make this treatment faster than traditional metal braces, lingual braces may take somewhat longer than traditional braces. Because lingual braces can be more difficult to reach and clean, patients should take extra care during treatment to ensure that excessive plaque and tartar do not accumulate on the brackets and cause cavities or gum disease. A consultation with our East Los Angeles dentist can be scheduled to learn more about lingual braces, their capabilities and their candidacy criteria.

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