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Length of Treatment with Invisalign

Length of Treatment with Invisalign

Faster results are one reason why many patients choose Invisalign. In most cases, clear aligners can straighten teeth in significantly less time than metal braces. However, the length of treatment does still depend on the patient. Here is a look at how clear braces compare to alternatives in terms of treatment time and what factors affect treatment duration.

How Much Faster Are Clear Braces?

A majority of patients finish wearing clear braces in just nine to fifteen months. This is far less time than what is required for metal braces, which take about twenty-four months for most patients. Some other bracket-based options, such as self-ligating ceramic braces, tend to take more time than clear braces but slightly less than metal ones. More extensive treatment needs may still require a full two years of treatment even with clear braces.

How Do Treatment Needs Affect the Time Required for Results?

When bite irregularities are more numerous or more severe, a longer treatment may be necessary. This is because each stage of clear braces can only correct the bite by a certain amount. Every patient must receive an exam to determine how long their treatment will be. In some cases, patients may also require longer treatment time because they need additional appliances, such as palatal expanders.

Clear braces generally work more quickly than other options, but this depends on treatment needs. By scheduling a consultation with our dentist, you can find out if clear braces will work for you and how long they will take.

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