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Invisible Braces

Invisible Braces

When patients want straight teeth without the inconveniences associated with metal braces, they can ask our East Los Angeles invisible braces expert about invisible braces. This newer orthodontic option uses a design that lacks the brackets and wires that traditional braces require. Clear, removable aligners that patients wear over their teeth to gradually move the teeth into their correct places without marring appearance along the way. Here is more about this treatment, as well as its benefits and candidacy requirements.

Invisible braces use a series of transparent plastic aligners to move teeth into their correct place. While they are designed based on photos and bite impressions that are taken at the initial visit, these aligners vary in number according to the extent of the correction necessary. At the end of the treatment period, patients receive similarly designed retainers to wear for a specified period to ensure that their results will remain for life.

Invisible Braces East Los Angeles

Invisible braces offer several benefits in addition to their cosmetic properties. For example, the ability to remove the aligners lets patients brush and floss as usual without any necessary extra care. The smoothness of the aligners also keeps the soft oral tissues from experiencing friction during certain activities, such as contact sports. Overall, this treatment from our expert in invisible braces in East Los Angeles often straightens teeth more quickly than traditional braces can.
Invisalign is designed for individuals whose jaws have finished developing. Although this confines the treatment to mostly adults, some adolescents aged 17 and older can also receive it. While most bite irregularities can be addressed with invisible braces, some serious malocclusion issues cannot. For instance, patients requiring vertical repositioning or extensive tooth rotation may benefit from a different type of braces from our East Los Angeles invisible braces expert.

Most patients finish treatment with invisible braces after anywhere from nine months to two years. Similar to other braces, invisible braces give patients lifelong improvements to their appearance, comfort and health. Straight teeth are also less likely to require restorations from our dentist later. To learn more about this treatment, patients can schedule a consultation with our expert in invisible braces in East Los Angeles.

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