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Invisalign Treatment Length

Invisalign Treatment Length

The time required to finish Invisalign depends on the patient, as well as the type of Invisalign chosen. While the most complex cases may take as long as metal braces often do, the simplest cases can take just a fraction of that. Below is more about how long Invisalign tends to take.

Invisalign Full

Invisalign Full is the standard-length treatment from Invisalign. Designed for treating most types of bite irregularities, Invisalign Full works in an average of fifteen months. However, many patients take only eleven months to complete Invisalign Full, while others take two full years.

Invisalign Express

Express is only for correcting very minor bite irregularities. Fewer aligner stages are required, so treatment length is shorter as a result. Three to six months is required for most qualifying patients to complete Invisalign Express. When the base number of aligners is not enough for the desired results, more aligners can be added to extend treatment, resulting in treatment time of up to nine months.

Treatment Compliance Affects Completion Time

Because Invisalign is removable rather than fixed, the progression of treatment is based partly on what patients do. Every day, patients should keep their aligners in for a total of at least twenty-two hours. All appointments should be attended as scheduled. By keeping these habits, patients can better ensure that their treatment will be finished as quickly as anticipated.

Invisalign often takes far less time than alternative treatments, but this can vary. By scheduling a consultation with our Invisalign dentist, you can find out for sure how long Invisalign treatment will take for you.

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