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Importance of Fruits and Vegetables for the Teeth

Importance of Fruits and Vegetables for the Teeth

Foods high in vitamins and minerals are important for healthy teeth. Fruits and vegetables, in addition to being nutritious, are lower in sugar compared to many convenient foods common today. Here is more about how fruits and vegetables can help reduce your risk of cavities.

Vitamins and Minerals

A balanced diet is important for healthy teeth, but certain vitamins and minerals are especially important for oral health. Calcium, phosphorus, vitamin C and vitamin K are among the nutrients most essential for strong tooth enamel. Many fruits and vegetables are excellent sources of these nutrients.


The fiber in fruits and vegetables literally scrubs teeth. This action removes plaque, which feeds the bacteria that cause cavities. At the same time, the scrubbing helps reduce or remove stains.

Low in Sugar

Some fruits are very sweet, but most are far lower in sugar than candy or processed desserts. Still, even in the case of the sweetest fruits, such as bananas and mangos, nutrient density makes for a healthier snack than junk food.


The juiciness of fresh fruits and vegetables stimulates production of saliva, which alkalizes the mouth and fights bad oral bacteria.

Parents can help their kids have a good foundation for lifetime oral health by feeding them fruits and vegetables. However, patients at any age can support their own teeth by eating these foods regularly. At a consultation with our dental exam dentist in East Los Angeles, patients can learn more about the role these foods play in oral wellness.


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