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How Tooth Loss and Obesity are Related

How Tooth Loss and Obesity are Related

Tooth loss can now be added to the long list of health issues for which obese patients are at higher risk. According to researchers, this connection results from the poor diets that are often consumed by patients with obesity. Understanding how this occurs can help drive patients toward healthier foods and preventive dental approaches.

Food Choices Linked to Obesity and Poor Oral Health

Certain foods have long been known to contribute to cavities and excessive weight. In this study, Japanese researchers found that heavy consumption of fatty foods and insufficient vegetable consumption were linked to oral health issues. Patients who consumed such a diet were more likely to be obese, and suffer from tooth decay and gum disease compared to individuals of normal or low weight. Meanwhile, patients who were overweight but ate a healthy, vegetable-rich diet did not have a higher risk of oral health problems.

Factors That Impact Oral Health and Weight

Researchers pointed out that certain factors can contribute to diets that are bad for weight and oral health. For example, many people eat non-nutritious foods and engage in excessive alcohol consumption. The intake of fruits and vegetables, both important for healthy teeth and gums, tends to decrease in this situation.

Obese patients should eat a diet rich in vegetables to minimize their risks of tooth loss. After tooth loss occurs, patients can visit our dentist for tooth replacements, such as dental implants and bridges. Patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist to learn more about options for preventing and treating tooth loss.

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