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How Excessive Soda Drinking Can Affect the Teeth

How Excessive Soda Drinking Can Affect the TeethSugar-sweetened sodas are well-known contributors to tooth decay, but many people do not realize that diet soda can also damage teeth. While some steps can be taken to neutralize the damage, large amounts of soda are best avoided for the sake of oral health.


How Can Soda Damage Teeth?

Virtually all soda is full of acids that erode tooth enamel. Some contain citric acid while many include phosphoric acid, but all are potentially damaging. While sugar-sweetened soda is likely to compound damage by feeding cavity-causing bacteria, diet sodas can set the stage for decay. Occasional consumption of these drinks is unlikely to cause problems, especially if the soda is washed away afterwards. Regular consumption is more often a cause for concern because it constantly exposes the tooth enamel to acids.


What Does Soda Damage Look Like?

Early in a regimen of heavy soda consumption, the teeth may develop a yellow tint because of slight erosion or dyes in the drinks. Although this effect is mainly cosmetic, it shows that the teeth are being excessively exposed to these beverages. Over time, very dark discoloration can appear as severe erosion starts to take place. The teeth can eventually develop a soft, leathery texture and become fragile.

The body can repair the teeth naturally, but it is unlikely to keep up with a habit of regular soda drinking. If you regularly consume soda, you may benefit from more frequent check-ups and cleanings. A consultation with our dentist in East LA can be scheduled to have your teeth examined and determine if damage has occurred.


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