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How Diabetes Affects Your Oral Care

How Diabetes Affects Your Oral Care

Oral health may depend largely on diet and oral hygiene, but risks can rise with certain disorders, such as diabetes. Among diabetics, oral care must be especially stringent to help prevent oral health problems. Here is more about how diabetes impacts your oral care. Bacterial Infection

Patients who have diabetes are more likely to suffer oral bacterial infections. This is because diabetes raises blood sugar and hampers the immune system, reducing the ability of the body to fight off bad bacteria before they attack the gums. If the bacteria do become entrenched in the gums, diabetes in turn may become worse as inflammation levels rise in the body. This may present patients with larger obstacles in their quest for oral wellness.

Minimizing Risk

With the above risk factors in mind, diabetic patients must take extra care to keep their teeth and gums healthy. Patients should work with their doctors to keep their diabetes under control. At the same time, patients should eat a healthy diet, minimizing their sugar intake, and brush and floss every day. While most patients benefit from biannual check-ups, patients with diabetes may benefit from more frequent exams. These check-ups and cleanings also provide an opportunity for our dentist to spot problems and recommend solutions.

Dental health risks are amplified by diabetes, particularly when it is uncontrolled. The solution is paying extra attention to diet and clinical interventions, as well as using extra precautions in oral care. At a consultation with our dentist, patients can learn more about taking care of their teeth and gums with diabetes.

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