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How Cheap Whitening Treatments Can Damage the Teeth

How Cheap Whitening Treatments Can Damage the Teeth

Teeth whitening can be effective for removing stains from a smile, but it must be performed properly to prevent damage. Unfortunately, some providers of this service have not completed dental training. Here is a look at how cheap whitening treatments can damage teeth.

Enamel Damage

Professional teeth whitening gels are stronger than store-bought whitening products, which makes them more capable of damaging tooth enamel. Our dentist minimizes any enamel loss by applying the right amount of whitening gel and allowing it to work for a specific amount of time, but inexperienced, improperly trained whitening providers may not know how to perform the procedure safely. Patients whose enamel is damaged are likely to experience significant, possibly long-term sensitivity to hot, cold, sweet and sour foods and drinks.

Differences with Professional Whitening

Patients benefit from professional training and experience in several ways. With a personalized barrier inserted by our expert in teeth whitening in East LA, patients avoid the burning that whitening gels could otherwise cause to the lips and gums. Prior cleaning ensures that the whitening gel produces maximum improvements. Afterwards, patients can receive fluoride treatment, which can minimize or completely prevent tooth sensitivity. Finally, our dentist can determine how often individuals can safely return for additional whitening sessions.

Because it is performed for cosmetic reasons, teeth whitening might seem like a simple procedure that anyone can perform. The truth is that this treatment can cause damage to the teeth, gums and other oral tissues if it is not done properly. Patients can schedule a consultation with our dentist to learn more reasons for avoiding cheap teeth whitening.


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