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Foods That Help Keep the Teeth Whiter

Foods That Help Keep the Teeth Whiter

Some foods and drinks are known for their ability to stain teeth, such as raspberries and coffee. Meanwhile, several other foods can actually help the teeth stay whiter. Here are four items that you can include into your diet to help maintain your smile between your visits with our expert in teeth whitening in East LA.


Unlike other berries, strawberries whiten teeth rather than stain teeth. This is due to the fact that strawberries are a rich source of malic acid, which eats away at pigments that collect on teeth. Some people even recommend mixing strawberry pulp with baking soda to make a completely natural teeth whitening formula.

Crunchy Nuts and Fruits

These foods actually help scrape the teeth clean as they are chewed. Apples, peanuts and sesame seeds are three examples of foods with this type of property. By choosing fruits that are juicy as well as crunchy, you will also boost the flow of saliva, and extra saliva helps prevent decay.

Green Tea

In contrast to black tea that is known for causing dental stains, green tea helps keep teeth white with its mix of tannins and polyphenols. While the tannins coat the teeth to keep bacteria from attaching there, the polyphenols fight the bacteria directly. Meanwhile, the natural levels of fluoride in tea support strong, healthy teeth.


Cheese helps make a brighter smile in two ways: It is rich in calcium and it makes the mouth more alkaline, as opposed to acidic. Calcium helps repair teeth after routine wear, and less acidity means less tooth erosion.


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