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Facts about Braces

Facts about Braces

Before you get braces, you may want to take time to get familiar with the most common orthodontic options. A variety of treatments are available, and certain aspects of bite correction can vary with the individual. Here are a few facts to know about orthodontics.

Different Types of Orthodontics Are Available

Metal braces were once the only choice for straightening teeth, but modern orthodontic options are now available for most patients. For example, patients seeking discretion can choose ceramic or lingual orthodontics. Invisalign is another popular option that lets patients retain a normal appearance until their new smile is finished.

Treatment Time Varies

The amount of time required to straighten teeth depends on not only the issues being corrected, but also the type of treatment involved. For a longer list of bite irregularities, treatment is likely to take longer and include more appointments. Appliances with brackets tend to take longer than those using removable aligners.

Not All Orthodontics Address All Bite Irregularities

Different orthodontic issues are not equally addressed by all treatments. While metal orthodontics may not be discreet, they remain the most versatile option. Invisalign, the least noticeable choice, is more limited in its ability to correct some types of bite problems, such as severe tooth rotation.

Orthodontic care can deliver amazing changes that benefit oral health, as well as appearance. Along the way, you may have a number of choices about how to achieve these improvements. You can schedule a consultation with our orthodontist to find out more about your teeth-straightening options.

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