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Early Orthodontic Treatments

Early Orthodontic TreatmentsOrthodontic treatment can be performed at any age, but it is often times the most beneficial during childhood. Since the teeth and jaws are still developing at this stage, braces and other orthodontic appliances tend to work more quickly and effectively. A variety of issues can make early orthodontic treatment necessary, but patients can enjoy the results of treatment for life. Here is more about the benefits of this option from our East Los Angeles early orthodontic treatments expert and how it works.


The benefits of being treated by our expert in early orthodontic treatments in East Los Angeles are numerous. Notably, correcting the positions of the teeth and jaws at an early age can normalize orofacial development through adolescence. For children who have habits that are destructive to orofacial development, such as mouth breathing and thumb sucking, early treatment can eliminate long-term aesthetic and functional problems that would otherwise result. Having a better-looking smile can also support positive social interaction for children, increasing their self-confidence. Risks of tooth decay and gum disease are lower when teeth are straight, as there are fewer places for plaque to build up and cleaning is easier. This also means that parents will save money by avoiding restorative treatments for their children in the future. Overall, the ability to break down food more efficiently will support healthy nutrient absorption and growth.

Early Orthodontic Treatments East Los Angeles

Our East Los Angeles early orthodontic treatments expert may recommend single-phase or two-phase treatment for children, depending on their bite irregularities and goals. Single-phase treatment involves a single course of braces administered around the age of seven. With two-phase treatment, children receive one course of braces at about the age of seven and another during early adolescence. The addition of a second phase treatment can increase the improvements children receive.

A wide variety of bite irregularities can be corrected by our expert in early orthodontic treatments in East Los Angeles, including overbite, underbite, open bite, crossbite and crowding. Early treatment can also correct issues involving improper eruption of teeth and teeth that are congenitally missing. An early exam can determine whether a child may benefit from single-phase or two-phase treatment. At a consultation with our Dentist in East Los Angeles, parents can learn more about how early orthodontic treatment can help their children.

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