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Dental Bridges

dental bridgesDental bridges cover spaces created by lost teeth with artificial crowns in order to restore appearance and functionality. As fixed restorations, dental bridges stay in place when patients speak or chew. Although dental bridges require some special cleaning because of the hardware they contain, they are very durable and can last up to a decade or more with proper care. This treatment from our East Los Angeles dental bridges expert may be used to replace a single tooth or multiple adjacent teeth.

Patients who choose this treatment from our expert in dental bridges in East Los Angeles can regain normal appearance, reclaim abilities to speak and chew, and avoid shifting of other teeth after suffering tooth loss. Compared to traditional dentures, dental bridges are stable and are not at risk of slipping or clicking during meals or conversations. As an alternative to dental implants, dental bridges can be placed more quickly and are more affordable but cannot prevent jaw bone resorption.

Dental Bridges East Los Angeles

Dental bridges are created according to photos, bite impressions, and X-rays our dentist takes of the teeth during an initial visit. After our dentist prepares the abutment teeth and covers them with protective temporary crowns, patients return home while the new bridge is made at a laboratory. The second appointment is used to put the completed bridge in the mouth. To ensure proper fit, our East Los Angeles dental bridges expert may recommend tentative placement and another visit after a few weeks to check the bridge and bond it in place.

Many patients with missing teeth are good candidates for dental bridges, but certain situations may make alternatives preferable. For example, unstable abutment teeth that cannot hold the bridge in place may make dental implants ideal because of their independent stability. When a majority of the teeth are missing, our expert in dental bridges in East Los Angeles may recommend full dentures or full mouth dental implants.

Patients should clean their dental bridges carefully to help them last as long as possible. If necessary, special tools can be used to make this task easier. A consultation with our dentist in East Los Angeles can be scheduled to learn more about dental bridges.

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