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Common Foods that Stain the Teeth

Common Foods that Stain the Teeth

Food may be the most common cause of stained teeth. Many foods, both processed and natural, can turn the teeth different colors, ruining the smile in the process. By knowing which foods to watch for, you may be able to keep your smile in great shape for longer.

Most Common Staining Foods

Natural foods that often cause tooth stains include chocolate, curry dishes, and most berries other than strawberries. Natural drinks that stain teeth include coffee, tea, wine, and certain dark-colored juices, such as grape juice. Artificial colors in cola beverages, imitation fruit drinks, and candy also can discolor enamel.

Factors That Increase Stains

Stains can happen more easily under certain conditions. For instance, teeth covered in plaque can more easily collect pigments, which can then penetrate the enamel. Spicy and acidic foods can also make enamel more susceptible to stains. Finally, leaving pigments on the teeth for too long will raise the risof stains developing.

Preventing Stains

Steps can be taken at home and at our office to keep your smile brilliant. After eating or drinking anything that might cause stains, rinse your mouth out with water. Wait at least half an hour after consuming acidic items before brushing, as those foods could cause more damage with the abrasion. Regular cleanings from our dentist will also go a long way towards preventing tooth discoloration.

Stains may still develop if you watch your diet and take preventive steps. For reduction or elimination of this discoloration, you can visit our dentist for professional teeth whitening, which is faster and more effective than store-bought products.

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