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Common Causes of Tooth Decay

Common Causes of Tooth Decay

Tooth decay is a common dental problem that can cause painful infections and tooth loss. Many factors for tooth decay are known, but some are less known than others. Here are some of the most common causes of cavities.

Soft Drinks

Sugar-sweetened soft drinks not only feed oral bacteria but also erode teeth directly. In most cases, these drinks contain acids, such as citric acid, that give cavities a head start on breaking down tooth enamel. Frequent soft drink consumption is the worst, because it keeps the teeth coated in sugar and acids.


Any type of sugar-containing candy is bad for teeth, and some have properties that can worsen damage. For example, sticky candies can cause sugar to stick in crevices throughout the mouth, resulting in a steady flow of sugar to bad bacteria.

Baked Goods

While bread usually does not contain much sugar, many other baked goods do, such as cookies and cakes. The combination of sugar and starch is especially bad for teeth. Starch results in heavier plaque accumulation, creating a sugar-rich habitat for bacteria.

Sugary Vitamins

Many chewable vitamins, especially those designed for kids, contain ample sugar. Just like candy, these vitamins will contribute to cavities and are best avoided.

The best diet for teeth is one without or reduced amounts of the items listed here. If you do consume them, you should rinse your mouth thoroughly afterwards to minimize chances of cavities. You can schedule a consultation with our dentist to learn more about causes of cavities, as well as common treatment options, such as root canal therapy and fillings.

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