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Ceramic Braces

ceramic bracesCeramic braces offer a high level of versatility along with comfort and discretion. Like traditional metal braces, ceramic braces use brackets that are bonded to teeth. In ceramic braces, however, these brackets are made of ceramic that is tooth colored or transparent. Some types of ceramic braces also make use of self-ligating brackets, which let the archwire move freely to reduce treatment time and enhance comfort. Because of its relatively simple structure and straightening method, this treatment from our East Los Angeles ceramic braces expert is available to a majority of patients in all age groups with most types of bite irregularities.

Ceramic is ideal for use in orthodontic treatment because of its durability, smooth texture, and aesthetic qualities. Although ceramic is not as strong as metal, it can still easily withstand normal usage. The smoothness of ceramic braces makes this treatment ideal for patients who are concerned about the potential for abrasion by brackets made of metal. Whether patients choose clear or tooth-colored brackets from our expert in ceramic braces in East Los Angeles, they can count on enjoying more discretion than if they had chosen metal braces.

Ceramic Braces East Los Angeles

Ceramic braces treatment is essentially the same as treatment with metal braces. Before treatment begins, our East Los Angeles ceramic braces expert consults with patients to identify their bite irregularities and outline goals. X-rays, photos, and bite impressions are taken to be used in the treatment plan. After bonding the brackets to the teeth and putting the archwires through them, our orthodontist tightens the wires at regular intervals throughout treatment. Treatment may take one to two years depending on individual factors and the extent of bite irregularities being corrected.

Ceramic braces can be an excellent choice for patients who want the corrective capability of metal braces but prefer more comfort and discretion. With certain options from our expert in ceramic braces in East Los Angeles, patients can also expect to complete treatment more quickly than with metal braces. To learn more about ceramic braces and eligibility criteria, patients can schedule a consultation with our cosmetic dentist in East Los Angeles.

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