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Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Causes of Tooth Sensitivity

Tooth sensitivity can make many everyday activities unpleasant and even painful. Foods and drinks that are sweet, hot, cold, or sour can cause major discomfort when this condition is present. Below, you can read about some common causes of tooth sensitivity.

Cracked Teeth

Teeth that become cracked can become very sensitive very quickly. The crack may result from eating very hard foods, habitually clenching the teeth, or other physical trauma. In these cases, root canal may be advised to prevent an infection and stop further discomfort.

Eroded Teeth

Tooth erosion can occur from acids, peroxides, and other substances. Sour foods and drinks, such as many fruit juices and soft drinks, are common culprits. Excessive teeth whitening can also make teeth sensitive. Eliminating the cause and having fluoride applied can support recovery in these cases.

Decayed or Repaired Teeth

Tooth decay can make teeth sensitive if it reaches the tissues beneath the enamel. Some restorations may leak long after they are placed because of damage or accumulated wear, resulting in sensitivity as well. The best option is always to have cavities repaired promptly and visit our dentist right away for repair of damaged restorations.

Teeth sensitivity sometimes disappears on its own, but reliable treatment is available at our dental office if the problem persists. Depending on the cause of the teeth sensitivity, prompt treatment may be faster and less expensive. You can schedule a consultation at our dental office to learn more about teeth sensitivity and how it is treated here.

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