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Candidates for Braces

Candidates for Braces

Different types of braces have different candidacy requirements, so it is a good idea to look into criteria before seeking treatment. For many patients, a number of braces can be used to eliminate bite irregularities. Here is more about eligibility criteria for common types of braces.

Metal Braces

As the orthodontic option with the widest capabilities, metal braces work for the majority of patients in all age groups. Most children who get braces wear this metal type, and many teens and adults do, as well. Metal braces can correct most types of overbite, underbite, crossbite, overcrowding, and gaps. Furthermore, this treatment can move teeth vertically.


Invisalign is slightly more limited in terms of what it can correct, but come close to metal braces and remains an option for most adults. Vertical movement and major rotation of teeth are two issues that Invisalign generally cannot achieve. Today, Invisalign also offers Invisalign Teen and Invisalign Express for adolescents and patients with minor treatment needs, respectively.

Other Options

Lingual and ceramic braces are also popular treatments today. Both are constructed much like metal braces, which means that their corrective capabilities and candidacy requirements are also similar. However, lingual braces, which are placed behind teeth, are not always an option for some patients with severe overbite or underbite or with unusually small teeth.

Several treatment options are available to modern patients, ensuring that discretion and comfort are possible even during bite correction. Patients can schedule a consultation with our braces dentist to find out about their own candidacy for different types of braces.

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