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Bad Snacks for Your Teeth

Bad Snacks for Your Teeth

Oral health depends on several factors, including diet. While some foods promote healthy teeth and gums, others can raise your risks of tooth decay and gum disease significantly. Here are some of the snacks that are worst for your teeth.

Milk Chocolate

The problem with milk chocolate is that it is often high in cavity-inducing sugar. If you enjoy this treat regularly, consider eating dark chocolate instead. Not only does dark chocolate tend to have less sugar, but it also is rich in minerals and polyphenols that support oral health.

Hard Snacks

Very hard snacks, such as popcorn kernels, can crack your teeth. Hard candy, including jawbreakers and lollipops, can also damage teeth if you bite down on them too hard. Always opt for snacks that are soft enough to easily break down by normal chewing.

Sticky Candy

Caramel and other sticky candies are more likely to stick to and lodge between teeth. As a result, the sugar these candies contain will be more apt to feed the bacteria that cause tooth decay.

Sour Candy

Tooth decay occurs when bacteria produce acids from the sugars they eat. In addition to feeding bacteria with their sugar content, sour candies contain acid that directly erodes tooth enamel.

Moderating or eliminating these snacks from your diet can help keep your smile looking and feeling good. In the long term, sticking to healthy snacks may also reduce your dental treatment expenses. You can schedule a consultation with our dentist to learn more about snacks that are bad for dental wellness.

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