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Adult Orthodontic Treatments

Adult Orthodontic Treatments

Adults can improve their appearance, comfort and oral functionality just with orthodontic treatment. There are a full range of types of braces available for adults, with certain options designed specifically for adults and some older adolescents, such as Invisalign Full. Besides conventional metal braces, adults can choose from more discreet treatments, including ceramic braces, lingual braces and clear braces. Here is a look at the options adults can receive from our East Los Angeles adult orthodontic treatments expert and the advantages that come with them.

Metal braces are considered the least discreet form of braces that adults can choose from. Our expert in adult orthodontic treatments in East Los Angeles states that these braces also can correct the widest range of bite irregularities. Furthermore, their durability and affordability makes conventional metal braces an attractive option for many patients. Lingual braces are also metal, but they are placed behind the teeth to make them essentially invisible to others. Ceramic braces are similarly structured to lingual braces, but are made from translucent ceramic that preserves appearance. Many adults are now opting for Invisalign treatment, as it uses removable plastic aligners that are completely clear. While Invisalign is known for its comfort and its support of oral health, the benefits of brushing and flossing without brackets or wires are also present.

Adult Orthodontic Treatments East Los Angeles

Adults who visit our East Los Angeles adult orthodontic treatments expert can expect increased confidence thanks to a better-looking smile. Yet, this is far from the only benefit they will receive. Teeth that fit together correctly are also less likely to strain the jaws and cause TMJ, or temporomandibular joint disorder. Moreover, straight teeth are less likely to hold particles of food and bacteria that can cause cavities and gingivitis. In the end, adult treatment with braces ultimately reduces risks of tooth loss later in life.

It is never too late to receive braces as an adult. Thanks to our expert in adult orthodontic treatments in East Los Angeles, adult patients can start enjoying a higher quality of life and better oral health. Since cavities and gum disease are less likely to strike patients who have straight teeth, braces can also potentially reduce future dental costs for recipients. Adults can schedule a consultation with our East Los Angeles dentist to learn more about their orthodontic options.

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