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A Diet for Preventing Tooth Decay

A Diet for Preventing Tooth Decay

The foods you eat and do not eat factor into how healthy your teeth are. When you know what ingredients in certain foods affect cavity risk, you can more easily tailor your own diet to keep your teeth free of decay. Here is an overview of a tooth-friendly diet.

Foods to Include

Some of the most important nutrients for strong teeth are calcium, vitamin D, vitamin C, and fluoride. Calcium, the main mineral found in teeth, is perhaps most abundant in milk, cheese, sesame seeds, and green vegetables. Vitamin D, key for helping the body use calcium, is used to fortify many foods. Natural vitamin D sources include egg yolks and salmon, but pasteurized milk and cheese also often contain plenty thanks to fortification. Sources of vitamin C include orange juice, as well as many fruits and vegetables. Finally, naturally occurring fluoride can be obtained from tea for even stronger teeth.

Food Factors to Avoid

Sugar is the worst food offender when it comes to teeth. While naturally present in many fruits and a few vegetables, sugar is also added as a sweetener in many manufactured beverages, baked goods, and candies. Starch, which is converted to sugar by saliva, can also contribute to tooth decay if it is consumed frequently and not cleaned away.

Not only can diet help you keep a fantastic smile, but it may also reduce your risk of needing dental treatments, such as fillings and root canal therapy. You can schedule a consultation with our dentist to find out more about how diet can prevent cavities.

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